Ingrid Buffetaut

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· What’s the sky ?
· 2018
· Installation, black and white prints on paper, transfer on glass, variable dimensions

· This installation is about perception and subjectivity. On the walls of a bright room are displayed texts and images that follow a common thread : the sky. The texts are personal stories gathered over several months, recorded and transcripted in every detail so the unique way of talking of each and every participant is visible. The images are photographs of the sky, transfered on glass. It gives a blurry, incomplete and evanescent visual to the pictures. Those two approaches treat the same concept differently : the sky is never objectively seen, it is always strained by people’s subjectivity. This project’s purpose is to materialize the differences of perception from one person to another, to create a sense of curiosity for the other and to help the spectator understand their own view.