IPH. If I must die for you

· 2021 

· Stage design for IPH. If I must die for you, play adapted from Jean Racine’s Iphigénie
Directed by Cie Belladone (Gaspard Baumhauer, Marie Benati, Edouard Dossetto, Margaux Loire, Justine Tintillier) 
Lighting design : Alex Dey 
Costume design : Sidonie Boiron 
Sound design : Titiane Barthel 

· This take on Jean Racine’s Iphigénie sets the action in a contemporary and warlike environment. Using low hanging lights and concrete coloured surfaces constrasting with the stage’s blackness, the stage design consists of a limited area which confines and constrains the actors. This space recreates a tunnel’s section with no visible entrance or exit. It creates a suffocating atmosphere in which the characters struggle, stumble and fall due to a series of ill adapted slopes. Conflicts, authority and power balance are exacerbated by this cold unfriendly space.